Release The River

by Embers Of Earth

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Written and recorded between Oct '13 and June '14.


released July 21, 2014

All songs written and performed by Luke Carlisle
Lead Vocals by Aaron Vance
Produced by Luke Carlisle & Jonnie Monro
Vocals, drums and bass produced at Bearcat, Belfast



all rights reserved


Embers Of Earth Bangor, UK

Embers Of Earth is the solo metal project of Luke Carlisle. Vocalist Aaron Vance of Gacy's Threads stepped in to sing lead vocals

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Track Name: A Call To Arms
The time has come to pledge your allegiance
For the war of the world is upon us this day
We will not vanish silently into the night
But arm ourselves with the weapons of old
Refusing fear, take courage and proclaim that
I am not a product of my environment
Join the resistance and instead of running from the darkness
Let us invade it with light
This is a call to arms

Gather the scattered and the exiled in one place
One noise will rise and declare one race
Call up the lost and drowned, the rejected and the dead
The root will rise and reach for the remnant mislead

Hold the sun and moon in the sky
Until we avenge the nation on its enemies
Raise up the banner
Amass the nations
This is a call to arms

Voices of seven thunders screaming no delay
Take back what once was ours, let the dead have their day
Pour out our vengeance as stars fall from the sky
Send out the riders four, break earth, mountains fall

The rising fall will be brought down
We live for this
Track Name: No Kingdom
You think you can hold me, or keep us out?
Your defence has already fallen
The lines are broken, your walls are shaken
Where hatred rules, watch the innocent as they fall
Your kingdom’s come to this
Petty bigotry is self destruction

If we don’t forgive, there will be nothing left worth fighting for, worth dying for

If no one wins, who is left to be free?
In this war where no one wins
Hold on to hope and pray for rain
Release the river, unleash the sky
Put out the flames that burn this land

Born into the fall of freedom, a wasted life of lies
Another child being brought to the front line
We’ll arm the masses with propaganda
Take a shot at the heart of the home land
Let the fires spread and burn
Your kingdom’s come to this
Petty bigotry is self destruction

(Just lives), no borders, no kingdom
(Just lives), not under control
(Just lives), no borders, no kingdom
(Just lives), not under control
No Kingdom
Track Name: Yours To Give
Another crutch I’ve broken
I’ve fallen for this once again
Another disappointment
But still I’m standing, this is not the end
I know that I will find strength to overcome
Another act of grace
Not mine to have but yours to give

Don’t let this get the best of me
I have not the strength that comes without you
Strength will rise above

l’ll fight to bring the cure for
This sugar coated cyanide
I‘ll hold against the waves of
Failure flowing from the blackened tide
I stand against the reign
Of hatred, death and lies
I will fight the fear, the venom
Rebuke the fallen force of misery

Flee from what’s within me
Flee from what I carry
Take this chance for you to run
Take this chance for you to hide
Track Name: Beneath The Waves
Who are you to turn me away?
To cause me to stumble, lead me astray
Above your rotted roots your branches crumble and fall to the ground

You have traded your scarlet for gold

I'll stand my ground
Your pride will drag you down (Sing your song of sorrow)
Beneath the waves (Beneath the waves)

It's never too late to reach out for a hand
To lower yourself onto solid ground
Beneath the waves you were drowning
Now breathe in the air of the life you were chosen for

You have waited you life for this moment!

It's never too late (It's never too late)
You have waited you life for this moment

Rise up! This moment is in your hands
We will stand for you
Hold your breath and seek the sky
Rise up! From the depths beneath the waves
You are not alone
I am not afraid!